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Happy Birthday Vanessa !

09 Sep 2010

Vanessa should have been born today but insead it's her 2 week birthday!  And it's been a whirlwind of nappies and feeding ever since.  Of course, things weren't as organised as they should have been in the lead up.  I usually try and pack too much in but I thought I had plenty of time still.  I'd been working at the wall 3 days before and preparation for the France holiday in October was only just fitted in in time.

So when things got going on the night of the 24th August it all seemed a bit of a shock and everything we'd learnt on the ante-natal classes went out the window.  So some pain, time and an epidural later, Vanessa was born.

She is very beautiful, small and delicate and we feel very lucky.  Here she is after one of her favorite activites (baths).


Look how long her long her legs are. I'm hoping she got them from Nic. This is the midwife weighing her 5 days ago.

Vanessa weigh

I actually resized and put these photos on this morning, but 8 hours later I'm still trying to finish this blog off, so I'll leave it here and some point soon I'll write more...