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Learning to lead

04 Aug 2014

I’ve been meaning to put a link on this site to some of the videos I’ve put together recently with Wild Country to take you forward in the steps to lead climbing.

Wild Country learning to lead

There are 5 videos covering the 5 stages you need to go through and consider in your journey to becoming a trad lead climber.  In all the genres, there are no quick fixes in trad. 

My first lead was a disaster.  Although I didn’t realise it at the time my experience seconding was really limited.  I led my first pitch on a multi-pitch climb in the Lakes but my partner and I didn’t realise how little I knew.  Whilst I made it to the top of the pitch I soon realised I had no idea how to attach myself to the rock for a belay!  Only a neighbouring climber saved me, much to the embarrassment of my climbing partner Maggie.

So follow these steps and you’ll make it to being a self sufficient trad climber in no time!

1. Learning to place gear

2. Setting up a belay

3. Learn to lead on a top rope

4. Lead belaying

5.Leading your first climb