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New training article series

26 Jul 2012

As I said previously, I've been reading lots of physiology books recently, and I've been planning some articles about training.  The first one I've written is here.  I'm writing, specifically about 'training'.  Whilst everything like technique, tactics and mental approach should be trained, this series about the often misunderstood area of physical training.

Before I get into the nitty gritty, the first one is about what training actually is.  I'll then go into more about the science of what's involved in subsequent articles.  I'm really hoping that this series is actually going to be something you can understand.  I frequently read things and think 'mmn I'm not sure I understood anything there'.  Hopefully these articles won't be like that.  Anyway, any feedback will be really useful...

Rain rain come back another day

06 Jul 2012

Does this photo just about sum up our country at the moment?

Here is Rab (jackets Rab) lowering down from Horseshoe Quarry last week.  "I shouldn't be doing this at my age" he said.  As the youngest member of the team I wondered whether really it should have been me getting that soaked.  I had just snuk my ascent in the drizzle and was happily on the ground in my waterproof.  But I couldn't resist a photo.  But then should any of us be doing that mid summer?  What a joke this weather is.

Rab at Horseshoe

What a desperate decision the organisers of Cliffhanger had to make today in cancelling the event.  Apparently even yesterday, it was a mudslide, even inside the climbing tent.  The Bouldering Championships are still going ahead.  I'm hoping to wade in with Vanessa in tow to take a look.

So it's back indoors for me (and everyone else) climbingwise.  Third time at the wall last night in a week trying to cling on to some fitness.  I'm still hopeful for a change in the weather.  At least it better do soon as next week Nic, Vanessa and I are planning a camping trip to the Yorkshire Dales.  All this sitting around indoors has given me a good opportunity to get to grips with some physiology books.  I'm really trying to up my knowledge in this area and I'm also really enjoying it.  I'm planning on writing some articles for this site.  Watch this space.

Vanessa doesn't care about the weather.  She just looks for any opportunity to have fun.  Here she is trying to summit Staples last week while I turned my back for a matter of seconds trying to choose ink cartridges.  I looked like a parent who couldn't control my child, not that any of the Staples staff were bothered.  Meanwhile I approved of her ability to find a line of weakness.

Vanessa summitting Staples