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Rock Action Sport

11 Jun 2012

It's a wonder we got any climbing in whatsoever this weekend, considering how Saturday started.  Stan, Sam and Lucas joined me at Thornbridge Outdoor Centre for Rock Action Sport.  The weather was bad, we knew that, but you can usually find something down in Cheedale that's dry.  We tried Blackwell Halt, the Embankment and cast our eyes over to Two Tier.  The result was the same everywhere, not a square foot of rock dry.  I should have known that 4cm of rain fell in Buxton the day before.  We headed to Rubicon, which was so flooded you couldn't begin to get near the crag.

Having passed Raven Tor on the way (which was actually dry) we knew we had one option.  But at the same time, Raven Tor is potentially the hardest crag in the UK and these guys had had less than 10 times on rock between them.  But they were keen to give it a go!!  It was quite remarkable what they achieved.

Here's Sam coming incredibly close to Weedkiller Traverse font 7b.


The weather wasn't improving and arms and fingers were getting tired so we headed back to Thornbridge to work on threading belays.

Threading belays

Let's pretend... the beams are the belay, the table is the crag... how to thread a belay at the top of the crag!!

Day 2 was a different story.  Sorry Lucas (who had to go home on Saturday night)!!  We had great weather at Horseshoe.  Stan and Sam got some good routes under their belt and led comfortably up to 6b+.  You can see some pictures here on facebook.  The grades here are not easy.