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Chugging along and time flies by

15 May 2013

Where did time go?  I normally aim to write at least 1 blog a month and suddenly I can see it’s been 2 months with nothing.  It would be nice to fill in this blog with more trips abroad and exciting ascents of amazing climbing, but the reality is more like this:

Vanessa potty training

Yes – she woke up one day and said she wasnt’ wearing nappies anymore

Oh and a speed awareness course (for the second time, why isn’t always me that get’s caught) where I was chatted up by my neighbour, who let’s face it, wasn’t Danny O’Donoghue from “The Voice”.  The opening line was “do you like garlic”.  Enough said.  Can’t imagine Danny would say anything like that.

After Spain I was really keen to get out on rock.  I decided to join the masses, on the Tuesday Malham train.  One visit I counted 14 of us, just from Sheffield – and you wonder why the economy is in a mess!  I hopped straight onto Mescalito, 7c+ and was dreadful.  After a few more visits I learnt how to apply my skills to British limestone again.

But after 3 weeks of Malham visits I realised it’s probably not the regular destination for me, not because of quality, because let’s face it, it’s a million times better than the Peak, but more because the long 2 hour drive each way can take its toll.  I decided to take a more flexible approach, staying more local with the odd visit further afield.  This is good fun, more relaxing and an excellent way to rack up lots of projects without climbing any of them.

All my projects are now at an equal point of ‘could go any day’ and yesterday one of them did fall: the quirky Rooster Booster 7c+ at Raven Tor.  So this route couldn’t be further away from classic status as you climb 2 bolts up and then traverse around 10 metres.  But it was the first 7c+ in the country, by Moffat himself and it is good climbing and only 35 minutes from my house.  It didn’t go without a fight as my foot slipped rocking up to the belay – note to self – don’t congratulate yourself on an ascent until you are actually at the end.  The blunder didn’t ruin the day though – I had to climb it all again, with success!

Ladybower Shelter  Beautiful pictures painted by Bamford School children.  I found them in a shelter by Ladybower resevoir while out teaching navigation with Jaimella this week.

Meanwhile I’ve been really busy on the work front, which is excellent.  14 year old Stan Harris made it up from London.  He seems to pick the worst weather and on day 2 we found ourselves trying to escape the rain and wet rock.  He managed his first 7a onsight of Rubicon.  A change of venue was needed and Raven Tor was literally the only option.  It was freezing... and raining and after working it, he redpointed (on top rope – conditions were horrendous) Tin Off, a hard 7b.

Darren climbed his first 6a+ and 6b indoors recently.  He’d been stuck on 6a for ages and with a bit of pushing mentally he broke the barrier.  Rab has continued racking up the 7as and recently did a 7b at Malham.  Carmilla in New Zealand has had the opposite problem to us, with the hottest summer in years so hasn’t quite had good enough conditions to climb outside.  She said “I'm feeling way more positive about my climbing and I am continually surprising myself with the gains that have been made”.

Using boxes for straight arm climbing  A trip up to Ratho, Edinburgh to run an induction for all the Scottish trainers for Fundamentals 2 course.  Here's 8c climber Robbie Phillips demonstrating how to learn to climb with straight arms with boxes attached to his arms!

Tonight we are going for a second viewing on a house – it’s time for a change.  Let’s hope we still like it!