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Happy Christmas

23 Dec 2012

Happy Christmas everyone!

Ok, so this song may not be to everyone's tastes.  But it is to mine!  The message is still the same.  See you in 2013

Love Katherine  xx

A year on!

14 Dec 2012

Wow am I in a different place to a year ago!  Everyone says the biggest change happens when you have a baby, but for me I think the changes started to take place over a year after that event.  Vanessa's first year felt like a cocoon from the real world.  Actually things didn’t seem all that difficult and I didn’t feel like there were too many compromises to be made.

This year was different and there have been a multitude of changes in life, work, climbing and of course let’s not forget about the weather!

So this time last year I embraced a winter’s training: it was really successful.  We kicked off 2012 with a trip to the south of France, which was great, but still the feeling that we hadn’t really done enough climbing was dominant in Nic and me.  After a few visits to Raven Tor I had a few routes under my belt and I was full of hope for the year ahead.

But soon after that the first change happened, which I hadn’t expected... none of us did.  The rain!  Help!  It was impossible to climb outside and I had to cancel courses.  Coaching days outside were often at Horseshoe Quarry, a quick drying saviour – the grit seemed out of the question, but still it all felt a little bit second best.

Not being able to climb outside seemed to hit me hard.  Also, over the summer I had terrible insomnia – a result possibly of disrupted sleep from Vanessa’s early days, but probably more generally from simply (unsuccessfully) trying to do it all.  It doesn’t work, or rather I guess it does, but the toll has to happen somewhere – and for me that manifested itself in bad sleep.  These people helped me out.  Thank you.

Now I’m sleeping really great... most of the time.  I have a much better awareness of what leads to bad sleep and have learnt to slow down (just a bit!).  But learning to be in the present tense and using the ‘mindfulness’ technique has been the most important breakthrough.  And this helps everything (including climbing!), when I am awake or asleep.

Climbing 8a was a completely unnecessary pressure I piled on myself, however I did it and I was glad I did it.  I was psyched (still am).  There are some aspects of my personality, which are unchangeable and trying to climb hard, even when everything else is chaos, is a normal part of who I am.

Still I made good use of my time over the wet summer taking the time to do something I’ve been meaning to do for years: read some physiology books.  I had always been put off and was no different to anyone else in my frustration of not actually being able to get my head around the glut of information available out there.  But now I have a much better picture.

So it is with some surprise that I sit here now with my business changed somewhat, as I am now offering training plans.  The most exotic clients live in New Zealand and Ireland (thanks Carmilla and Joan, you add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to Love to Climb) and closer to home.  I am really excited to see where things can go with this.  My latest client is 65 and I’m reading up on the challenges of training in your 60s and beyond.  It’s optimistic!

The final surprise is that I’m not actually training!  This is most unlike me, however don’t worry, it’s not far off.  I am going to do another training plan and there is a bit of a delay.  My month off after the barrage of 2012 has turned into two, but then I did say one of my challenges was learning to slow down.

I know a number of people, who will be very glad to see the back of 2012.  I’m sure 2013 is going to be great, and I’m not just saying that.