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Christmas countdown

23 Dec 2009

My life, like yours has probably been pretty similar recently – lots of drinking and eating and Christmas hasn’t even arrived yet.

The Climbing Works party was a predictable hoot. It was easy. Just stay fixed in one spot all night, whilst everyone else whirls around and plenty of chatting is assured. As I’ve said before I really have no time for techno, but you can’t beat a good chin wag.

I thought I’d maintained reasonable control but I was proved wrong when, the next day, I measured and cut 2 blinds and their linings completely wrong. Things picked up though when George Michael, Michael Buble and Robbie Williams all appeared on my TV within an hour that night.

Still the Sunday wasn’t a let down at all. Everyone piled down to Stanage. After just enough of a warm up it promptly pissed it down but Jerry’s Traverse (7c+ in my book, whatever it says in the guide) remained completely dry. This desperate number was something I looked at almost 2 years ago. Vic, Joe and I plugged away, whilst everyone else was at the pub. It was a good session.

And then Christmas came early in our family. Last week I became an auntie! Freya arrived in the world. Next weekend I’ll get to know her for the first time.

Now it’s just days to go but I’m looking forward to some time down in London to eat and be merry.

A very merry Christmas to you! And see you next year!

Fitness campaign starts here

08 Dec 2009

I’ve done very little outside recently and I guess this is the way things will continue for a while given the rather disappointing weather at the moment. To be honest I am actually much more psyched for the climbing wall than anything. Following Turkey I started off keen and headed outside a couple of times for more limestone. But whilst it was 10 degrees and not wet I could handle it. Now it’s neither so I’ve given up.

I don’t seem to be very motivated for bouldering right now at all. I’ve turned my attention to a winter mission to get fit. This is possibly the first winter in perhaps 10 years since I’ve felt like this. But Ste Mac and I (plus others) are planning a trip to Misja Pec (Slovenia) in Feb and in March Nic and I are going to France. This is enough motivation for me to stop worrying about the weather here and concentrate my efforts on next year.

It’s a slow journey as, for me, getting fit is a difficult process. I seem to be built for power, not endurance. You always train what’s easiest for you and this winter it’s time to really go for my weakness. Today I spent almost four hours at the Foundry with Lucy Creamer ploughing up and down the wall. I am very lucky to have the time to do this right now. Replicating an outdoor session indoors is the only way, you have to put the time in. Last Thursday night Nic and I did a ten routes in two hour blitz and I just couldn’t shake the pump – that method just doesn’t work for me. For the 9-5 workers out there evenings are the only way, so you have to be really structured with how you do it.

Training for bouldering is in effect quite simple and not that time consuming – short sessions are enough. But there are no short cuts for training routes; it’s time consuming and you need someone else equally minded. I’ve always known this, but couldn’t strictly be bothered with the effort, but here I am keen as anything. Let’s see how things go…