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Katherine is an exceptional climbing coach with a broad spectrum of knowledge, but more than that she is a real climber who understands peoples weaknesses and strengths and can communicate on a personal level. With any coaching a professional but relaxed approach is essential, and Kath delivers this with ease. Steve McClure, co-coach: Turkey & Kalymnos

"I had a brilliant day yesterday. You really helped me regain the sense of fun I had when I first started bouldering. I'm going to make sure I incorporate moving about on slabs in my warm up, so I can take the time to understand and trust the friction, my shoes and my body. I'm going to keep playing with different angles and laying back and also those mantel shelves. I know I didn't succeed on all of them, but just being able to try them and keep in control feels like a huge achievement for me."  Jaimella

The training plan was fantastic. It helped me to focus on inspirational yet realistic goals. It got me motivated and focused again after having children and was well designed to fit in with a busy work and family life. It was always interesting and the changes to the sessions week to week kept my enthusiasm going strong. The sessions were well structured so I could see the gains I was making and I had alot of fun getting fitter. I am still seeing the benefits 6 months on (and I managed to beat my husband in something on the fingerboard, minor and a bit pointless but excellent) Jo, Sheffield

Walking into the venue (Blackburn wall), it wouldn't be putting it too strongly to say that I felt like a different person, (a different climber at the very least).  Previously, I'd have felt at a bit of a loose end  not really knowing what to do, but with my training objective in mind, I was really focussed.
In terms of performance, I also couldn't believe how different (in a good way), my climbing felt.  Knowing which way to twist is a huge plus for me.
Your help has been exactly what I needed Katherine.  I was at a point where I really didn't know what to do next, but your clear, succinct advice has cleared the "fog" my head regarding where my climbing is going.  I really enjoyed yesterday - your relaxed approach made it great fun.  Susan, Blackburn

Thanks again, Katherine, for your coaching and involving spirit. Hope to see you again soon.  Stefan, Danish Climbing Federation from the 2012 Bornholm Climbing Festival

The very best I have attended, very professional.  Ian, BMC FUNdamentals 2 Course, Nottingham, 2012

I know you only coached me twice but those six hours made a big difference I think. You gave me the direction I needed. - Jules
Fab news, I came first. Thanks times a million -
Jules's text to me, July 07 after winning the Inter Services Championships
  Jules Womens RAF Champion 2007

Yesterday’s course was tip top, a comfortable atmosphere, thought out and well paced, there was a wide range of experience on the course which definitely added to the value. Katherine is providing a well organised and naturally progressive course

- Tony, BMC Fundamentals Course, Swindon Climbing Wall

I just wanted to say thank you for making the week so exceptional. It was a treat seeing you getting just as much of a buzz out of our achievements if not more so at times as we did.
I had a really cool time and feel I've walked away with the knowledge to carry on improving.  The fingers are recovering now but I got some strange looks on the plane home trying to open a bottle of water, whincing and moaning.
- Gary, Kalymnos

The whole feeling of the day was great - by the time I came to leading harder stuff it felt like the obvious thing to do. 
You have a real ability to make people who climb at a much lower grades than yourself feel that their climbing and their challenges and fears are just as important and valid as your own - thank you! - Carol, Stanage
 Carol on Bishop's Route (S) at Stanage

The pace and locations were spot on.  The problems varied and you put us both equally through our paces.  We both got a hell of a lot more out of the day than I thought possible.  Again you gave me a lot to think about and I enjoyed my subsequent grit trip, route reading and trusting my feet for once.  I left feeing a lot more positive about what I can achieve if I believe in myself and just enjoy the climbing. - Amanda, grit technique day

You were one of my 7 belayers but I feel like I learnt so much about the process of training and more specifically for Raindogs from my 2 visits with you!  Thanks - Mike, following his successful redpoint of Raindogs 8a at Malham