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Training plans
Moon fingerboard  
Whether you’re a trad or competition climber, or if you've been climbing 6 months or 15 years, the benefits of following a training plan will beneficial to you.  When helping you to set your short, medium and long term goals Katherine can help shape your training to ensure that you make the most of your time and resources.  Training is not something to be afraid of; rather in it's broadest sense, it is a way to be more organised and efficient in reaching your climbing goals.  Here is my take on what training is.
"The training plan was fantastic. It helped me to focus on inspirational yet realistic goals. It got me motivated and focused again after having children and was well designed to fit in with a busy work and family life. It was always interesting and the changes to the sessions week to week kept my enthusiasm going strong. The sessions were well structured so I could see the gains I was making and I had alot of fun getting fitter. I am still seeing the benefits 6 months on (and I managed to beat my husband in something on the fingerboard, minor and a bit pointless but excellent)" Jo, Sheffield

"Thanks so so much for your input at a point when the information out there had me stumped as to what would work for me. Just being pointed in the right direction in terms of the order to train different energy systems and how to tell which you are using has been of immense help. And all those hours spent circuiting our 17 degree board at home means I look at most things now and know I'll be able to recover at some point. This is also great in terms of confidence." Ferdia, Devon

There is so much information available but it can seem complicated, and difficult to figure out what applies to you.  Katherine can help you through the minefield, and give you an overall plan for how to structure your training over a specific period of time, giving you the best chance to reach your goals. 
Katherine takes a holistic approach to training, where improving the physical side is just one element that needs training. Working on your strength and endurance is just as important as your technique, mental approach and tactics.  Katherine will help you work out how to incorporate all these elements into your training plan.

The information will be provided with weekly breakdowns of how to fit in all your sessions.  All plans will include a full list of exercises (see below), with pictures and diagrams, and full information on what is included in each climbing session.  The information is provided in a simple, practical way, using sport science principles, but in jargon free language.

Climbing training exercises
Numbers of sessions per week and access to facilities will be agreed at the start to ensure the plan is achievable and realistic to your life.  Email contact will be maintained throughout the programme, ensuring you can clarify any uncertainties you may have and to keep up the motivation!
1 hour consultation* involving an assessment of your current climbing level: £45
3 month plan: £150, for each subsequent month £20
  *The consultation will take place ideally at a climbing wall, however it can be managed via email and phone.

Training articles

You can find training articles on this site, that I have written. Currently the articles available are about training the physical elements of your climbing.
Training: what is it
Training: energy systems
Training: stability, core and flexibility
Training: endurance
Training: power endurance
Training: strength
Training videos
Here are some interesting training videos.  It's always interesting to see what the top climbers are doing.  Be warned that simply copying other people's training has it's dangers but picking out key themes are important.  

 Moon climber Galina Parfenov talks through her pull up, fingerboard and campus routines
World Cup competitor Sean McColl goes through his circuit training routine, which again focuses on similar themes to Galina, lock offs, pull ups and core.  His overriding message is clear though: quality not quantity.

Dealing with injury
Tom Randall's take on dealing with golfer's elbow
Recommended reading
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