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Love to Climb Winter workshops 2018
Only 8 places available (3 left)!!
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"I didn't see the full benefit of the workshops and training until after I came back from my 'goal trip'. I gained confidence in my ability, improved my technique and surpassed my own expectations. I have improved my trad and sport leading grade this year.  I was feeling a bit frustrated with my climbing and the thing I really wanted was to gain some tools for ongoing improvement. I now have plenty to work on and the tools to do it which is great."    Isi, 2016 workshops


In my experience of working with climbers with regular jobs, lives and families, managing your climbing is not easy. Lack of time and regular climbing partners are half the battle. The other part of the battle is figuring out how to actually manage what you do down the wall. So, I have designed a climbing plan for you, which will give you training exercises and other ways for you to improve your climbing. Importantly the plan also helps you manage the transition to outdoors; never an easy task at the beginning of the year. The workshops will go through all the exercises and sessions contained in the plan, ensuring that what you are doing is right for you.

Motivation and having the right people around you is also really important. That’s where the facebook group comes in.  I will be with you every step of the way answering questions, giving updates, useful links and that all important encouragement that what you are doing is right.  I am also hoping that you, as a group will support each other to get the best out of the whole experience.

The workshops will broadly contain the following areas:

Day (month) 1 (get your body ready)
  • Technique
  • Circuit training for conditioning
  • Endurance training
  • Goal setting
Day (month) 2 (specific training)
  • Technique for efficiency
  • Strength
  • Power endurance
  • Core
Day (month) 3 (making the transition to reaching your goal)
  • Route reading
  • Dealing with falling off
  • Managing anxiety

Who is it for?

This whole programme is for people climbing 6a-6c routes and want to hit the good (let’s hope) Spring weather ready for action.  You may be a trad climber, sport climber or indoor climber. The workshops are routes focussed however many of the exercises we cover will be beneficial to boulderers too.  You need to be able to commit to climbing 2 times a week (two 2 hour sessions and perhaps another at home e.g. on a pull up bar or floor exercises).  You will also be at least 14 years old and an independent climber who can belay lead climbers confidently.